Established in 2013, the Atx Pet Project has grown from a personal need into a thriving business with a unique touch. Formerly known as Watch Dawgs Austin, Laura Goulart, a former Veterinary Technician brought her love of animals to the Austin area. Looking for a job and needing a place to care for her dog, the availability, cost and facilities were extremely costly and limited. 

"After 2 days of trying to find a suitable place to keep my dog, frustration turned into an idea. That night I printed up some business cards, bought a box of dog biscuits and hit every dog park in the Austin area. I passed out dog cookies and business cards to everyone I could. In the world of technology, I realized in having  pets of my own, other owners are more apt to feel at ease with you after they meet you in person and see how you interact with their pets."


Old school "cold calling" worked. In a matter of days, Laura was getting calls for personal care inside the clients homes. This idea convinced owners that their pets were stress free and more comfortable in their own surroundings then at a boarding kennel or Veterinary Clinic. "It's upsetting to a pet when you leave for work, much less a weeks vacation." 

With over 25 years of experience, Laura has worked with a variety of animals, in both a large (farm animals) and small (dog, cat, bird, exotics) Veterinary practice. Her expertise is with Diabetic & Senior pets, after surgery care, special needs and is proficient in administering both oral and inject-able medications. 


Whether you take advantage of a drop in visit at your home or boarding in a pet friendly environment, even a day stay, Laura's training and experience will keep your pet safe, happy and healthy within her care.

Pet Project will strive to continue to grow, educate & train in order to steadily offer services that improve the quality of life for both owners and their pets. Whether 30 min or 30 days, Laura is committed in maintaining a specific style of individual care with every single pet she interacts with, providing quality service, understanding and recognizing the needs of both the client and their pets. 










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